My 2016 Podcasts – Storytelling

Storytelling is, in my opinion, the essence of podcasts. It enables anyone, anywhere, to share perspective on on pretty much any topic. I love them, and here are my current favs:


If you loved listening to the podcast Serial, watched Making a Murderer, you’re in luck! Each episode tells the story of a crime, with a depth of humanness and uniqueness that really gets you involved.


An avid reader, provides a great way to immerse yourself in a novel. Over the past few years, a few podcasts have taken on the challenge of serialized fiction. Homecoming, another Gimlet Media joint, does this with an all-star cast of actors:  Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, David Schwimmer, Amy Sedaris, and David Cross. This too is a relatively new series, so listen now!

Life After

Another podcast of serialized fiction, it’s steeped in techno, about a person’s digital persona living on after their physical death. Yeah, not for everyone.


This award-winning podcast follows one story for an entire season. The first season was about Adnan Syed, a high school student convicted of killing his former girlfriend. The second, soldier Bowe Bergdahl, an Army deserter who was rescued at great risk and reunited with his family before his story….well, you’ve just has to listen for yourself. Unfortunately, the podcast hasn’t had any new material since March 2016, so perhaps they ran out of funding.

Snap Judgement

Imagine This American Life, produced by Dr. Dre and MC’d by Snoop Dog, and you’ll get the vibe of this great storytelling show. Polished, with a casual feel, with unique stories that you probably won’t find elsewhere.

The Moth

The amatuer storyteller podcast, I can only dream of being able to weave a personal tale as well as most of the individuals who participate in these live events. Always entertaining, sometimes touching, it is my choice for introspective triggers.

This American Life

TAL is the quintessential storytelliing podcast, the 60 Minutes of podcasts. While every once in a blue moon there’s a story that seems to droll on, Ira Glass and team are clearly the best in the business of sharing stories that cause you to think, care, laugh.


Another Gimlet Media show, Undone is kind of like the “where are they now” version of big stories.  Also a relatively new series, now is a good time to get involved and hooked. And if you’re from Chicago, remember listening to the DJ Steve Dahl on The Loop, make sure to listen to the first one, Disco Demolition Night.

And there you go. I took some time off for Christmas festivities, but will be sharing my Business & Technology podcasts next.