My 2016 Podcasts – Business and Technology

When I first began listening to podcasts, this was the category I packed my Microsoft Zune full of. Yep, a Zune.

Anyways, while TWiT has long championed technology shows, it is good to see that other networks are also getting into this space.


All About Android

Now that I am in the Android camp, I figured it was important to stay up-to-date with the goings on in that community. Being a fan of the TWiT network, I began listening to AAA. Honestly, this show is hit or miss for me. Visualize a group of Android fans sitting around pontificating about their experiences, and you get a good idea of each week’s show. About 20 minutes of it is good information and insight, but you have to pick it out of the 90 minutes. Most annoyingly, there is one host (who I won’t name here) who seems to never be prepared. It’s frustrating, because I love the network. Maybe your experience will be better.

Daily Tech News Show

As its name implies, this is a daily rundown of tech news. I don’t listen every day, but they do a pretty good job of going a bit deeper into stories.

How I Built This

Being an entrepreneur at heart, I really get into shows about starting businesses. A relatively new show, each week they spend 30 minutes talking to the founder(s) of a company. Great stuff – if you ever want to be uplifted by someone sharing how they took an idea and built a business around it, this is it.

Security Now

100% geek talk here folks. Part of the TWiT network, Steve Gibson masterfully discusses security topics weekly. Yes, there are times where you’ll find yourself totally over your head with the jargon. But mostly it’s a great way to stay aware of the how/why/fails of secure computing.


Wow, did Gimlet Media seemingly come out of nowhere! A superb podcast network established in the past just a couple years ago, this show follows a single business in each series. Interestingly, their first series was about themselves – how Gimlet Media came to be. Again, if you’re interested in entrepreneurship and startups, this is for you.

This Week in Google

When I first began listing to TWiG, it was almost 100% Google-focused. But over the past couple of years, it has morphed into more of a “This Week in Internet” show. That’s not a bad thing – Google’s services and technologies have become so ingrained into our culture that it makes sense that the topics are much more broad than just a single company. Still, the only downside to this show is the host Jeff Jarvis. While I generally appreciate his experience and insights, he thinks too much of himself, constantly interrupting others (especially women) to pontificate about his own ideas, the last conference he spoke at, blah blah blah. If there was a drinking game tied to his interrupting others, you’d die of alcohol poisoning.  The show is definitely worth listening to on a weekly basis, just forewarning you that it may get frustrating.

This Week in Startups

There was a time when Jason Calacanis was considered the “Bad Boy of Silicon Valley” – brash and brilliant, you either loved him or avoided him. Me, I likened him to Mark Cuban, someone who was “successfully lucky” and made an effort to provide himself as not being a flash-in-the-pan. I like the guy. His podcast is a deeper dive into the startup scene, with some inside baseball topics, news & gossip. A little long at times, I probably listen once a month, depending upon the guest he has.

This Week in Tech

This is “Meet the Press” for the technology crowd. Always an interesting show, though I cringe whenever Jeff Jarvis is on (sorry). The topics are wide-ranging, sometimes delving into politics for some reason, but one that I do make a point to listen to every week.


So if This Week in Tech is Meet the Press, Triangulation is Hardball with Chris Matthews. But much kinder. Leo LaPorte interviews someone in the technology field about a single topic (their latest book, company, product, industry news) for about 90 minutes. Not always interesting to me, but I do monitor the schedule.

Windows Weekly

The very first podcast I subscribed to, for over 8 years I’ve enjoyed literally every show. First, as a Msft’er who was curious about the outside world’s perspective on the company, and now as a curious outsider myself. I do believe that this podcast has had a positive effect on how the company views itself, markets and communicates. And this past year I feel they’ve really hit several home runs: multiple interviews with Microsoft execs (to include the second one with Chris Caposella), early ‘real use’ demos of Surface Studio and laptops, and just really good reporting that clearly separates fact from opinion (hear that, All About Android?). If you are in the tech industry and aren’t listening to this, you’re not doing your job in my opinion.

Phew, that was alot! Ok, I appreciate the DMs and emails – keep them coming! Hope that this really shines the light on a few shows that become your 2017 favorites. Next up, News & Politics.