Disney World Here We Come!

Today is the day, we are on our way to WDW again 🙂

In an effort to have more family experiences, we decided last year to try and get away every 6 months.  Work travel has afforded us lots of hotel and airline points so it’s just wonderful to take leisurely trips to see Mickey Mouse and friends.

We’ll keep everyone up-to-date via twitter and the blog.  And your prayers for a safe and enjoyable trip are welcome!

Random thoughts at 35,000 feet

Looking out airplane-1

It’s hard to compose thoughts when your seatmate is looking at your computer screen.  Yeah, you.  I know you’re not reading your magazine, because you’ve been on the same page for the past 15 minutes.  Without moving your head.  Heh heh.  I caught you didn’t I?  Namaste, my friend.

Anyways, there is so much going on right now.  Taking Fridays off was one of my better ideas (right below the fireplace video that I never quite got around to).  Last week I only managed a half day, but it is refreshing to get a few extra hours of family or me time.

My mobile phone is on its last legs, as is my patience with T-Mobile.  I really want to move to AT&T, but waiting a) for my contract to be up in November and b) the new HTC Touch to be available.  If I switched now, I’d pick the Samsung BlackJack II, but with it being out for so long I fear not having much of an upgrade plan available to me.

Every time I see Sarah Palin, I feel like the kid in the story about the Emperor with no clothes on, you know?  I’m all for independent, fresh-mind new thinkers.  But that’s not her.  Unfortunately, her gender is giving her a free pass on the various litmus tests we put our elected leaders through.  Which is too bad for her and any other minority, gender or otherwise, who wants to be critiqued on the ability and respectfully.  But enough about that, except to say that Tina Fey on SNL was spot-on.

There is so much to get done in the next few weeks.  In addition to finishing the room, I’ve got buku videos and recipes to complete, a site redesign to sign off on and a possible logo change.  And don’t get me started on PictureMe! as I’m just not where I want to be with that right now either.

Starting the Hundred Pushups program tomorrow, so wish me luck.  I’m hoping my shoulder doesn’t give out, but kinda hope it does so I can justify the surgery and get past this.  However, I did get a massage 2wks ago, focusing on my shoulders & back.  Went almost an entire week with nary a problem, so…

I need to get to the bank and take out cash for the kid’s allowance.  Ian has been keeping track; if I don’t pay up this week he may send it to collections.