United to start charging for second bag, considers packing clothes a non-necessity

What a stupid idea. Apparently bankruptcy didn’t teach them the value of customers.

Let’s see, they furlough Pilots then take their sweet time bringing them back on, disrupting their ability to service the passengers they promise carriage to. Now, they want to charge passengers $25 per checked bag over a quantity of….1. You see, it’s easier to for the board to agree to squeeze every ounce of revenue out of your customers, no matter how irrational the premise, than to look at the outlay of salaries and bonuses paid to executives and consider that they aren’t getting much for money and clean house. Granted, this won’t affect me — I’m an elite(ist), don’t you know. But I’m still fuming over the mad scramble for food whenever I don’t upgrade to First Class on a 4hr flight.

But let’s see what else UAL can charge for:

  • $5 for blankets. $7.50 if you want a clean one.
  • $2 for pillows.
  • $10 for headphones. If you’re that outmoded to not bring your own.
  • $5 for bottled water. $1 if you want just a cup — there’s a faucet in the lavatory.
  • And while we’re on that subject. $1 buys a token to open the lavatory door. But the price decreases by $.05 for each passenger who goes before you. Don’t ask why.

I’ll stop there. Because I have a flight to NY tomorrow and they just might decide to implement some of these by then.

United to start charging for second bag – News- msnbc.com

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Random thoughts @ 35,000 feet

So I’m finally headed to Chicago (courtesy of UAL) and looking forward to a weekend of NFL playoff watching. 

  • The Sheraton Bellevue isn’t my favorite Starwood hotel (and I’ve told them so), but my stay was reasonable this time: the lounge food didn’t suck and the room was pretty decent.  Now if they could beef up their WiFi signal strength, maybe I wouldn’t feel like I’m slumming….
  • I am in love with Teriyaki Chicken, and I don’t care who knows.  And every trip to Seattle I have to get a fix, and the best comes from little hole-in-the-wall joints. 
  • Ever since I got my Zune airport time has been less insufferable.  And if I’m not listening to music, I’m watching DiggNation podcasts – those guys crack me up, though I wish they could turn down the NSFW language a tad bit.
  • Right now, Seattle is playing Green Bay.  I don’t care.
  • No, I don’t want any pretzels.  Does anybody?  Do I look that desperate for a meal?
  • Major Rant: Are bladders getting smaller, or people just love using airplane bathrooms?!  Unless you’re flying LAX to JFK or some other cross-continent flight, it’s probably worth holding.  And who decides, when leaving for the airport, to wait until they’re flying over Montana to take a putrid dump in an airborne closet with 200 innocent bystanders held hostage for 4 freaking hours?! I like to give them the evil eye when they saunter back to their seat, foot loose and feces-free.
  • Note to friends & family.  If my IM says busy or away, don’t send me a message.  Especially “…are you there?”  I go out of my way to ignore those.  🙂
  • I wish Jack in the Box was in the midwest, just for the fries.  Best in class.
  • Why does Avis keep giving me mini SUVs and Subaru Foresters?  Just asking…
  • And on that note, I dearly miss full-service gas stations.  There should be hand sanitizer next to the pumps.
  • No album got played more on my Zune this year than “Twelve Stops And Home” by The Feeling.  It’s just chock-full of goodness.  Who knew what Rose’ was about?