What Would Chris Do?: Video Services

This seems topical, given the recent changes Netflix has made n their subscription plans.

A household of 6, including 4 kids varying in age from 2yrs to 15yrs, the variety of interests when it comes to TV shows and movies is quite diverse.  And, our lifestyle is of such that there is always something going on: travel, friends over, play dates, etc. So over the past few years we have developed a suite of services and devices that, while always evolving, probably gives us the most flexibility we have ever had, for a fraction of what we would have paid even a year ago.  First, let me start with the various mediums we consume:

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My Favorite Things: iPad Apps for Media

Back again with more iPad goodness!  This time we’re talking media apps – watching video, listening to music, you get the idea. Whether it’s over lunch, sitting in the airport or hotel, catching up on Fringe in coach or just relaxing on the patio, the ability to pop open an app and start watching a show or listening to an artist is really cool.  So, here are the apps that make that experience worthwhile on the  iPad.

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My Favorite Things: iPad Apps for Productivity

Has it really been almost 7 months?  For as much as I pine for a decent Tablet-style device running the Windows OS (don’t get me started – what’s out there now is either prehistoric or pitiful), my love affair with the iPad started with the sale.  But I digress…. 

Since then, several friends and associates have done the same, and our conversations always trend towards discussing the apps that make the experience.  So, I’ll share the apps that help keep me productive.  Note: I do not use my iPad for work, a decision I made early on to acknowledge a work/life balance.  So while you I don’t use apps for word processing, spreadsheets or presentations, there are still quite a few that keep me viable throughout the day.

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