Founder Institute: Week 2 – Saying Goodbyes, Moving Forward

We’ve only completed 2 weeks of Founder Institute, but we’re down 2 founders.  One was asked to leave, ostensibly due to not being teachable, and another left because of changes in their career interests.  The last few days I’ve thought about both circumstances, as I knew them both and really hoped to see them graduate and establish successful startups alongside me.  Describing the person who was let go as strong-willed is not meant as criticism nor praise – we all have traits that can help us or harm us.  While I appreciated their directness and energy, it’s understandable to me how others could be put off by it.  And, when that person is in a position of authority, it’s wise to know when to let things go.  They didn’t, and so FI did.  The other person, in my opinion, shouldn’t have bothered.  The circumstances that caused them to drop out where present before they joined.  Somewhat selfishly, I was disappointed they didn’t let their teammates know first, a cardinal sin in FI, and one that could actually put me in a negative light as President.

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What Would Chris Do? Music Streaming

There is nothing in the world so much like prayer as music is.  ~William P. Merrill

I really enjoy music, most every genre.  I’m usually plugged in; if life is a series of soundtracks, I must have a 100-CD changer.  My parents are a big reason for this, as my dad was always tinkering with his Quadraphonic stereo, complete with reel-to-reels, receivers and a bunch of other goodies.  And my mom, well she has the singing voice of an angel – hearing her singing is one of my fondest childhood memories.  In today’s world, we’re fortunate to have a wide assortment of options for our listening pleasure.  I’ll share what I use, and why, in order of value to me. Continue reading “What Would Chris Do? Music Streaming”

What Would Chris Do?: Video Services

This seems topical, given the recent changes Netflix has made n their subscription plans.

A household of 6, including 4 kids varying in age from 2yrs to 15yrs, the variety of interests when it comes to TV shows and movies is quite diverse.  And, our lifestyle is of such that there is always something going on: travel, friends over, play dates, etc. So over the past few years we have developed a suite of services and devices that, while always evolving, probably gives us the most flexibility we have ever had, for a fraction of what we would have paid even a year ago.  First, let me start with the various mediums we consume:

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